I am offering appointments using telehealth video-conferencing during the current pandemic.
Licensed Psychologist


Most services are offered at both my East Northport, Long Island, New York and Delray Beach, Florida offices. Currently, Group Therapy is only available on Long Island.


I work collaboratively to help individuals and couples promote emotional growth and develop effective communication and mutual respect. I encourage my clients to develop balance between their emotional and physical needs and the demands of work and family so that they can live more fully in the moment.

Often when people feel ineffective, powerless and out of control they experience anxiety, depression and physical illness. The increasing stress in today's world can lead to maladaptive coping efforts such as infidelity, or substance abuse. I help my clients improve coping skills and learn stress management techniques. I believe reducing stress and developing rewarding relationships can strengthen the immune system and help us resist illness.

I am sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community, working with both individuals and couples.

Couples Counseling

Most marriages are worth saving. I work with couples who wish to repair lost trust, heal painful wounds, or enhance the quality of their relationships. I believe that mutual respect and empathy are cornerstones of a satisfying relationship. Effective communication in a safe environment enables couples to reconnect, better understand each other, and resolve conflicts. I strive to help couples remove the roadblocks which hinder personal growth and affirming relationships.

I have been married for many years and have been in practice for over 35 years. Dealing with issues in my personal life has contributed a different kind of understanding and awareness that has enhanced my work with couples. It is important for individuals in a partnership to balance their own needs with the demands of work and family.

Today's stressful economic climate makes it even more essential that couples develop the ability to enjoy, respect, and support each other. If a crisis or trauma does occur, blame is to be avoided so that trust can be reestablished and healing can take place.

Group Therapy

All of us are raised in group environments. In our families and schools we learn ways of behaving and interacting with others. Sometimes the patterns of behavior that we learn when we are young create problems in our later life. Group therapy offers the opportunity to understand our patterns of thought and behavior as well as those of others. A group offers the opportunity to see ourselves as other people see us. It provides a safe environment in which we can learn to change thoughts, feelings or behaviors which impede us. These changes can improve our functioning in the workplace and can help us attain meaningful and satisfying personal relationships.

Currently, I am running a group out of my East Northport, Long Island, New York office.

Eating Disorders

My experience in supporting clients with eating disorders includes many years as director of the Pederson Krag Center's eating disorders program in Huntington, Long Island. Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are eating disorders that can lead to depression, low self-esteem, isolation, and substance abuse. Often people starve themselves or overeat in response to stress or anxiety. I teach my clients to recognize the triggers that result in these self destructive behaviors. They then are able to facilitate change by developing healthier tools and coping strategies. If left untreated, eating disorders can be devastating and even life threatening.

Infertility Counseling

Couples seeking assistance with infertility experience a roller coaster of emotions. Anxiety, depression and anger often increase with the duration of infertility treatment. These distressing emotions create stress for the couple and may affect conception. Men and women often deal with infertility differently. Communication is essential so each can understand each other partners' approach and feelings and be supportive of each other. Counseling can help improve communication, reduce the distress of infertility, and may increase the likelihood of pregnancy.


Hypnosis has been defined as a state of intense concentration and focused attention. When used by a trained and responsible professional, it allows people to focus their minds more effectively. I have used hypnosis as a relaxation and stress management tool, for healing and pain management, and to help with weight loss and to stop smoking. I have also used it in psychotherapy to help identify and overcome resistance to desired behavior change.

Loss and Grieving

Dealing with loss of a loved one is a long and difficult process. One must go through the stages of grieving before they can move on to new, but different relationships and experiences. I have had many opportunities to share this process on a personal and professional level. As painful as it is to share this journey, I find it meaningful and gratifying.

My interest in work with seniors arose from my own experiences with my aging parents. It is hard for adult children to face their own aging process, leave alone that of their parents. Yet it is the last opportunity to address long standing family conflicts, or to resolve issues between adult children and their elderly parents. If these issues are left unresolved, the mourning process is often much more difficult. I have been privileged to help some wonderful seniors and their families address end of life issues with grace and self respect.

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