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7 Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate in Relationships

From a Psychology Today Article

We may give people we love free passes sometimes, but there are some behaviors you might not want to accept in any relationship.

Toxic relationship behaviors aren’t just about arguing or jealousy. They can also include more subtle actions that affect the way you see yourself and the world.

Identifying which relationship dynamics harm your mental health can help you make decisions and protect yourself.

Signs you’re in a toxic relationship

How to tell if your relationship is toxic starts with awareness.

What’s considered toxic in a relationship may depend on many factors, including your culture, how you were raised, and how these behaviors affect you.

Some signs that your relationship may be toxic include:

  • not feeling safe
  • being emotionally and financially dependent on your partner
  • feeling unhappy
  • walking on eggshells around your partner
  • doubting yourself
  • not being able to say or do things you wish you could

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